Friday, May 27, 2016

China funded Nairobi railway Project

Big Chinese Funded Nairobi Railway Project

Kenya is going to have cross-border transportation with the help of Chinese funded Nairobi railway project. The East Africa region will have cross border connection to strengthen the economic and political relationship between regions. As a logistic country, Kenya is the center of transport and trade. The hub has railway from centuries ago when the colonial built in 300 mile long from Nairobi to Mombasa. From Nairobi, it takes 12 hours for passenger to reach Mombasa. As an old railway, the tracks will not be used and they will be replaced with new ones that quite faster.

In 2013, President of Kenya, Uhur Kenyatta placed the first stone for the construction of Nairobi railway project. It will be a new standard gauge railway that connects coastal part of the city. The Kenyan capital Nairobi is said to define project legacy of the president. He told the press that the railway transform the whole Kenya and probably the African eastern area. Dated back centuries ago, the railway was a legacy from British Lines. The Lunatic express was operating in 1901 and connected Kampala with 2 towns in Mombasa.

With this new Nairobi railway project, it is estimated to cut the long road trip for a few hours. Passengers travelling to Mombasa will only take 4 hours trip whilst for cargo will take 8 hours. This is a big project for Chinese funded railway after centuries ago it has been traditional transportation. Aly-Khan Satchu, Africa geopolitical and financial analyst said that Kenya is a transit hub so a first class operational service should be built to get the advantage.

nairobi railway project

The China Road and Bridge Corporation will be appointed to do the project. The first section was expected to be accomplished in 2017 with $5.2 billion funds. After the establishment, it will have economic benefits because it reduces costs and it accelerates industrialization with the cheaper transport.

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